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Creating Mindfulness, One Munchkin at a Time!

Curious to learn of Mindful Munchkins’ beginnings? Read here how Cosmic Kids Yoga helped Chantelle Emmerton become the instructor she is today.

Parents and teachers are the most influential people in a child’s life, especially in the developing years. By providing children with the tools to manage their emotions we can help them to become more resilient. This will enable them to deal with the challenges they may face through their schooling and into adulthood.

Mindful Munchkins is a children’s yoga program which was created to educate young children about the importance of caring for their body and mind in a way which is fun and engaging for them.

With more than ten years of teaching experience, Chantelle Emmerton, the founder of Mindful Munchkins, has always had a  passion for educating young children. She knows what interests them and what keeps them engaged.

Yoga wasn’t simply something that she thought interesting to add to the curriculum. Instead, she experienced first hand the benefits yoga brought in her own life. We’ve all had periods in our lives which have been challenging. Back in 2015, Chantelle found herself in one of those periods. She turned to yoga and mindfulness as a way of progressively moving through these challenges.

Along the way, she discovered the importance of being present in the moment, rather than always thinking about the past or worrying about the future.  She also gained relief from tension and improved flexibility which helped to soothe her back and hip pain.

As a Kindergarten teacher, she decided to put some of the lessons she’d learned into practice with her 4 year old students. She began by introducing breathing exercises into rest time and showing the Cosmic Kids Yoga videos. Over time, the kids became enthusiastic about yoga and were excited to do yoga as part of their daily routine.

Chantelle then went on to complete the Cosmic Kids Yoga training course and her Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training. In January 2017 she resigned from her teaching job in order to pursue her passion of educating children about yoga and mindfulness full-time.

Chantelle soon realised that teaching yoga to children is very different to teaching adult classes. Using her skills as a kindergarten teacher and her knowledge of what interests children, Chantelle has spent the last 6 months creating fun yoga adventures.

Kids won’t find this type of yoga tedious or long because all of the activities are created with them in mind. These fun classes can include singing, dancing, games, props and costumes.


There is always adventure and creativity to be had with yoga for kids!

In addition to her focus on making yoga fun for kids, Chantelle’s goal is to help children become more resilient through mindfulness and yoga. Here is an example of a child using one of these tools outside of the classroom.Yoga poses

During the previous few weeks Chantelle had focused on breathing exercises with the children to help them deal with big emotions such as anger and sadness. A mother mentioned to Chantelle that when she’d expressed frustration at home her child had said ‘Mum you just need to breath in and out’

Chantelle was so pleased to hear that the child was applying the breathing techniques they’d learnt in class to everyday life. These are the kinds of experiences  that Chantelle wants to create for everyone.

Mindful Munchkins’ yoga for children is not simply about kids doing yoga poses it is about building lifelong skills.


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