Yoga and Mindfulness Incursions

For childcare centres and kindergartens in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Why you'll love having a yoga incursion at your centre!

Fun and Engaging

The incursions are highly interactive. Colourful props and visuals are used to captivate the children and will have them eager to participate in the fun.

Confident and Calm Children

Through songs, yoga, colourful props and stories the children learn tools to help them be mindful, calm and confident.

From the moment the children sit down on their mat they will be fully immersed in the yoga adventure.

Teaches Lifelong Skills

The children will learn about the importance of caring for themselves as well as the world around them.

Introducing children to fun breathing exercises to calm their bodies when experiencing big emotions.

How the Yoga Incursions Work

In each of the sessions the children jump on board the adventure bus and are taken on a new magical yoga journey to explore topics about their health, animals and the world around them.

The yoga incursions:
- are aimed at 3-5 year olds.
- are aligned with the National Learning Framework and linked to the ELYF.
- each run for 30-40 minutes and we can have up to 25 children per session.

Note: For numbers above 25 children we can run additional sessions.

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One-off incursion

Each one- off incursion includes:

- a warm up activity
- songs
- breathing exercises
- puppets
- an imaginative yoga journey
- a short guided meditation
- appealing props and visual displays

Termly Yoga Incursions

The termly incursions include everything in the one- off classes plus:

- a new yoga incursion each term
- download link to the Mindful Munchkins' emotions PDF
- two packs of Mindful Munchkins’ yoga cards per class
- download link to the Mindful Munchkins’ yoga pose posters

The educators will also be provided with ideas of ways to embed yoga and mindfulness into their program via termly newsletters.

Note that each session fits 25 children so for a group of 40 we would run 2 sessions.


The Yoga Adventures!

Why Mindful Munchkins?

Chantelle Emmerton, the founder of Mindful Munchkins, spent more than 10 years working as a kindergarten teacher, so she knows what interests children and keeps them engaged!

In addition to her focus on making yoga fun for kids, Chantelle’s goal is to help children become more resilient through mindfulness and yoga.

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Benefits of yoga and mindfulness

There are many benefits of yoga and mindfulness for children including:

- building self confidence

- improving concentration

- teaches calming techniques

- teaches respect for self and others

- enhances balance, flexibility and muscle tone

- helps cope with stress and self regulation