Kids Adventure Yoga

for 3-5 year olds

What is Mindful Munchkins?


Each week, the children jump on board the adventure bus and are taken on a journey to explore topics about their health, animals and the world around them.

The children become part of the adventure by using their bodies to form yoga poses of animals and objects they see along the way. Through songs, yoga and fun, the children learn tools to help them be mindful, calm and confident.

Our customers say…

“The Mindful Munchkins’ classes are very creative and engaging for the children. The children really loved going on the ‘under the sea adventure’ and learning poses like shark and jellyfish in a fun and meaningful way.”

Tammy Draper

Room Leader, Park Ridge Early Childhood Centre

“Issy loves going to Mindful Munchkins with Miss Chantelle. It’s so much fun going on a new Yoga adventure each week learning new poses in a fun and interesting way. Thanks for giving kids a fun way to learn mindfulness.”

Amanda Thompson


Benefits of yoga

Benefits of yoga

About me

Chantelle Emmerton

Chantelle Emmerton

Founder, BEd


Bachelor of Education
Dip. Early Childhood Ed.
Level 1 Yoga Instructor
Cosmic Kids Yoga Teacher


I am the founder of the Mindful Munchkins’ program and have over 10 years experience educating children.

The Mindful Munchkins’ program was created to educate young children about the importance of caring for their body and mind in a way which is fun and engaging for them.

Our adventures



Each class includes:

– A warm up
– Breathing exercises
– A yoga adventure exploring different topics
– A short guided meditation

“Let’s go find some bugs. Some creepy crawly bugs”

In this class, the children go on an adventure to the garden in search for insects and spiders. Through song and movement, the children learn about the parts of an insect and the importance of showing respect towards creatures big and small.

Under the sea
“Down at the bottom of the deep blue sea. There are lots of creatures looking at me. Some are big and some are small. Let’s swim down and go explore”

The children will love learning these new animal poses as they come across them in the ocean. In this lesson we talk about experiencing things on our own and how this can make us feel. The children learn ways to help their body when they are feeling scared and lonely.

A walk in the jungle
“Let’s go walk in the jungle. Looking for lots of animals”

The children head off into the jungle to look for animals along the way. Lucky they have their binoculars with them to see the animals far away.

“Dinosaurs lived so long ago. Some ate meat and plants to grow. Let’s go back to when they roamed around. Hold on tight, they might shake the ground”

The children go back in time to learn about the dinosaurs that roamed the earth millions of years ago.  They will love learning the poses for each of these dinosaurs and stomping around on the adventure.

We're going on a bear hunt!
This super fun class brings a children’s classic story to life. They will love retelling the story by using yoga postures to represent the obstacles they come across in the story. The children learn about being brave and how this can make them feel inside.
Planet helpers
“Reduce, re-use, recycle, are easy things to do. Let’s make our planet a better place for people and animals too”

In this class the children learn about ways to help their planet stay clean by recycling, composting and planting trees.

Have you eaten a rainbow today?
“Let’s eat all the colours on our plate. Mmm they’re yummy, they taste great!!”

In this class the children meet Sam, who is feeling unwell. Sam has not been eating his fruit and vegetables and has lost all his energy. The children jump on board the adventure bus to visit the local market to pick up some healthy snacks for Sam. We talk about the importance of eating healthy foods to care for our body and our mind.

It's OK to be sad
“If you’re happy today, if you’re angry today, it’s OK”

Miss Chantelle uses puppets to discuss big feelings and how to deal with them when they arise. The children will love using yoga postures to represent these feelings inside

Water safety
“Let’s be safe when we’re at the pool. Stay with an adult, its an important rule”

The children head off to the pool today and learn about sun and water safety along the way.

The very hungry caterpillar
The children will absolutely love using yoga to retell the popular story of ‘The very hungry caterpillar.