The Mindful Munchkins' Story

Founded by Chantelle Emmerton in 2017

Chantelle’s Yoga Journey

Back in 2015, Chantelle went through a challenging period and turned to yoga and mindfulness as a way of working through it.

Along the way, she discovered the importance of being present in the moment, rather than always thinking about the past or worrying about the future.

10+ years as a Kindergarten Teacher

As a Kindergarten teacher, she decided to put some of the lessons she’d learned into practice with her 4-year-old students. 

She began by introducing breathing exercises into rest time and showing the Cosmic Kids Yoga videos. 

Over time, the kids became enthusiastic about yoga and were excited to do yoga as part of their daily routine.

Completing Yoga Teacher Training

Chantelle has completed the Cosmic Kids Yoga training, Rainbow Kids training course and her Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training.

She regularly completes online training to continue to improve her teaching skills.

She also has her own regular practice … which these days is often interrupted by her toddler!

Creating the Yoga Adventures

Chantelle soon realised that teaching yoga to children is very different to teaching adult classes. 

She wrote songs and introduced games, props, puppets, and costumes into her yoga classes.

This eventually led to her creating yoga adventures to immerse children in the experience. 

The adventures are based around different topics like the Jungle and Under the Sea.

Creating Mindfulness, One Munchkin at a Time!

A mother mentioned to Chantelle that when she’d expressed frustration at home her child had said “Mum you just need to breathe in and out”. 

Chantelle was so pleased to hear that the child was applying the breathing techniques they’d learned in class to everyday life.

Mindful Munchkins’ yoga for children is not simply about kids doing yoga poses it is about building lifelong skills.

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